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Fort Campbell Map     Trout Stocking Map


Clarksville Base and Cantonment Area Fishing Map

Environmental Recreation/Watersports Activities Maps




Recreational Waterways   TA28 Wetland   Lake Kyle   Little West Fork Creek  





Little West Fork Creek   Piney Fork Creek   Saline Creek   TA 19 Wetland  


Recreational Off-highway Vehicle Course Map

ROV Course


Handicap Hunting Areas:

Additional Hunting Maps:

  • 00A
  • 00B
  • 00C
  • 00D - 00D is a new area for 2019. 00D will be added to general use areas. 00D, with eight (8) hunter slots, will be allocated based on current capacity regulations (55% Active Duty, 35% DoD/DAV, and 15% Non-Affiliated Civilians). Capacities for 00D are as follows: 4 Active Duty slots, 3 DoD/DAV slots, and 1 Non-Affiliated Civilian slot.

Dove Field Maps



TA 17 Dove Field   TA 20 Dove Field   TA 21 Dove Field



Cantonment Area Hunting Maps

Primitive Camping:

Fort Campbell Fish & Wildlife Office:
Directorate of Public Works
Environmental Division, Conservation Branch
Fish and Wildlife Program

Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223