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Fort Campbell Map     Trout Stocking Map


Clarksville Base and Cantonment Area Fishing Map

Environmental Recreation/Watersports Activities Maps




Recreational Waterways   Joe Swing Quarry   Lake Kyle   Little West Fork Creek  





Little West Fork Creek   Piney Fork Creek   Saline Creek   TA 19 Wetland  


TA 28 Wetland


Recreational Off-highway Vehicle Course Map

ROV Course


Handicap Hunting Areas:

Additional Hunting Maps:

  • 00A
  • 00B
  • 00C
  • 00D - 00D is a new area for 2019. 00D will be added to general use areas. 00D, with eight (8) hunter slots, will be allocated based on current capacity regulations (55% Active Duty, 35% DoD/DAV, and 15% Non-Affiliated Civilians). Capacities for 00D are as follows: 4 Active Duty slots, 3 DoD/DAV slots, and 1 Non-Affiliated Civilian slot.

Dove Field Maps



TA 17 Dove Field   TA 20 Dove Field   TA 21 Dove Field



Cantonment Area Hunting Maps

Primitive Camping:

Fort Campbell Fish & Wildlife Office:
Directorate of Public Works
Environmental Division, Conservation Branch
Fish and Wildlife Program

Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223