Welcome to Fort Campbell's iSportsman Portal

The Fort Campbell Garrison Commander has directed the following changes to the Fort Campbell iSportsman system for the 2018 hunting season:

1) Active duty only areas have been increased to 55% of the total areas released by DPTMS Range Division for recreational hunting activities.

2) Active duty only check-ins (for active duty only areas) will occur 1 hour prior to open hunting check-in.

3) Disabled American Veterans (DAV) only areas are discontinued. DAV hunter use of handicap and open areas continue to be authorized.

Current check-in time is 20:00 (8:00PM) evening prior.

Active Duty checking into Active Duty Turkey Hunting Areas (starting 23 March) check-in time will be 19:00 (7:00PM).

Active Duty will also be able to check-in to open hunting areas at 20:00 (8:00PM).


2018-2019 Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation validations and permit sales will begin Thursday 1 March 2018. Individuals must first complete the validation process and purchase appropriate license(s) from either Kentucky or Tennessee prior to eligibility for a Fort Campbell permit.

All individuals that do not possess a valid DoD ID Card must report to Gate 4 or Gate 7 Visitor Center for a criminal background check. Below is a list of individuals that do not need an annual criminal background check:

1.) Active Duty Military
2.) Retired Military with valid DoD ID Card
3.) DoD Employees with valid CAC

All other individuals must receive clearance from Physical Security prior to obtaining validation from Fort Campbell Fish and Wildlife.

CLICK HERE for more information on validations and permits.

Fort Campbell Fish & Wildlife Office:
Directorate of Public Works
Environmental Division, Conservation Branch
Fish and Wildlife Program

Building 6645, 11th Airborne Division Road
Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223

Contact Information:
Fish and Wildlife Manager: (270) 798-9824
Report Violators: (931) 472-8730
Report UXO Dial: (270) 798-3001
For Emergencies Dial: 911