Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Question: Why I am not able to see or acquire permits?

Answer: First, ensure you have taken the appropriate safety quiz for the activity you wish to pursue. Second, ensure you have had your iSportsman account validated. Validation requires submission of a state hunting license, hunter safety certificate, and installation background check (non- affiliated civilians) annually. Directions specific to the various recreation activities can be found under the information tab on the main homepage.


Question: Is a Tennessee and a Kentucky license required to hunt on both the Tennessee and Kentucky side of Fort Campbell? 

Answer: No. Patrons are only required to have one state license (either Tennessee or Kentucky) and an installation permit to hunt on Fort Campbell. 


Question: I am a civilian with no affiliation to the Army or Fort Campbell. Am I eligible to hunt and fish on the installation?

Answer: Yes, you are eligible to hunt on Fort Campbell. The main difference is that non-affiliated civilians will be required to complete a background check prior to having their iSportsman account validated. Details can be found under the hunting and fishing information tab.


Question: How much do Fort Campbell hunting and fishing permits cost?

Prices vary depending on which game species or activity you wish to pursue. Please visit the permits page for a list of permits and the associated cost.


Question: Where is the hunting and fishing office located?

Fort Campbell no longer has a hunting and fishing office open to the public. All permit sales and validations are completed online. Individuals needing additional assistance should contact our customer service desk at (270) 798-9824.


Question: Is rifle hunting permitted on Fort Campbell?

Answer: While CAM Regulation 200-4 references the use of centerfire rifles, this is strictly for special opportunity hunts that will be conducted in specifically designated areas.  No rifle hunting opportunities are currently scheduled.


Question: Am I required to carry a paper copy of my weapon registration?

Answer: You are required to have proof of registration while using or transporting a firearm on the installation. A digital copy of the weapons registration is acceptable. However, if you are unable to access your digital copy, due to cellular service or phone issues, you could be cited for failure to register weapons with installation DES.