Quail Hunting


2023 Quail Hunting Guidelines


Effective for the 2023 quail season, Fort Campbell will be allowing activity check-in beginning at 1200 (12:00 PM) the day prior to the hunt. Same day check-ins must be made prior to 1300 (1:00 PM). The 2023 season will use experimental hunting hours rather than a lottery system. Hunting hours for Bobwhite Quail are from sunrise until 1500 (3:00 PM). Hunters shall cease pursuing quail and check-out of their area by 1500 hours.

Hunters are allowed to hunt in parties of three (3) with a designated party leader. The party leader must be present during the hunt. The party leader is responsible for acquiring the check-in for the entire group. When completing the check-in process the party leader should check-in. To add party members select "add a guest." iSportsman will then prompt the party leader to enter the permit number and last initial for each party participant. Individuals that do not possess the appropriate iSportsman hunting permit will not be eligible to join the hunting party. All party members must remain together at all times while quail hunting. Group hunters should NOT check-in as individuals.

The party leader will be responsible for checking out all party members and completing a harvest report for all game harvested. 

Due to the the sensitivity of quail populations to hunting and hunting pressure, harvest managment quotas will be stricktly followed. Areas will be closed once harvest limits have been reached.