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Due to issues with iSportsman programming, waterfowl hunters and quail hunters will be unable to check-in as a group within the system. We have adjusted waterfowl capacities to allow the same number of people that would normally be in a group to check-in individually. Quail hunters should still have a party leader check-in and out for the group and may hunt in groups of three. All participants should be permitted for the appropriate activity. We will continue to work with iSportsman staff to resolve the current programming issues. 

Joe Swing quarry will be closed to all fishing and recreation activities until further notice.

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2022 - 2023
Hunting and Fishing Season Dates and Bag Limits


2022 Deer Harvest / Transport Tag

2022 Turkey Harvest / Transport Tag

Chronic Wasting Disease Policy for all deer harvested on Fort Campbell
Effective 04 August 2022.



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